5 Best Motivation and Productivity Podcasts You Don’t Want To Miss

by Lakshmi Jaisimha

Where do you spend your free time? I spend it listening to the best motivation and productivity podcasts. That’s right! I am a fan of podcasts and especially the self-improvement niche. 

Most of the people I listen to have their youtube channels and blogs as well. But I prefer the podcast. I love to multitask with activities like walking, cleaning my room, etc, and podcasts are my partners in crime.

My list of 5 best motivation and productivity podcasts

  1. The Inforium

Hosted by Thomas Frank and his friend Martin Boehme, The Inforium is a podcast for those who obsess over productivity, personal finance, and a better life overall. 

The podcast was earlier known as the college info geek podcast. It was dedicated mainly to students but now has graduated. 

I, too was a student when I first started following Thomas frank and am glad that this podcast will still be helpful to me now that I am facing adult problems related to career and productivity. 

These days the two are discussing things like how to work from home, their tactics they have learned from years of working without a boss, stuff about podcasting. If that’s something that interests you, you must check this podcast out. 

What if you are a student? Well, just scroll a bit downwards, and you will find a goldmine of episodes they made keeping students like you in mind. 

What I like best about this podcast is that you can check out timestamps in the show notes on their website. This way, I can make notes of my favorite episodes much more easily. 

2. The Darius Foroux Show

I first encountered Darius Foroux two years ago through his medium articles.

Only a few months ago, I realized he has a podcast as well. Well, I was over the moon. 

Most of my understanding of productivity and happiness today comes through what I learned from listening to his podcast episodes while washing utensils every day during the lockdown. 

Most of his content is about habits, productivity, wealth building, and decision-making. A few of his last episodes have been about entrepreneurship and Total recall. 

If you like to read, I suggest you go through his blog and books like Do It Today, Think Straight and Win your inner battles.

One of the most incredible lessons I have learned from listening to his content is that it is usefulness, not happiness, that we humans most desire.

If such content interests you, don’t forget to bless your brain by subscribing to his podcast now.

3. The Ranveer Show

If you are Indian and interested in motivation and productivity podcasts, I am sure you have already heard of ‘The Ranveer Show’. Hosted by Ranveer Allahabadia, this is currently India’s smartest podcast. 

Ranveer brings us interviews with the most inspiring, successful, and positive people he can find. 

He has interviewed social media stars like Tanmay Bhat, and Ashish Chanchlani, entrepreneurs like Ankur Warikoo, and celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Priyanka Chopra. 

He brings us wisdom from books he has read and the mentors he has had. Whether it is health advice, lifestyle tips, or career guidance, he has loads in-store, on his podcast.

You can also check him out through his youtube channels. That’s how I encountered him 3-4 years ago while trying to learn the science of weight loss through his videos. 

Thanks to his content (and my efforts), I have been able to lose 25 kilos of my weight and have improved my lifestyle as well. 

These days I am trying to learn the art of entrepreneurship and the science of spirituality through his content on his podcast. 

If that’s something you are interested in, welcome to ‘The Ranveer Show’ club!

4. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Happier is the first podcast I ever started listening to. I came across it in 2018. The podcast is hosted by Gretchen Rubin, a bestseller author, and her author and producer sister, Elizabeth Craft. 

The two sisters delve into topics like happiness, minimalism, health, relationships, productivity, and life hacks that can make your life a little happier every day. 

Gretchen Rubin’s books include Better than before, the happiness project, Outer order Inner Calm, The four tendencies, and happier at home. 

I haven’t read any of these, unfortunately, but thanks to her podcast I know the core lessons all these books hold.

One of the concepts she has taught with her podcast is that of the four tendencies. These are based upon how a person reacts to outer expectations and inner expectations. 

There are four tendencies namely – upholder, obliger, questioner, and rebel. I am a questioner. Head over to this quiz, if you are interested to know what tendency you have.

I would also suggest you check out the podcast. She keeps it vibrant by calling over an inspiring guest now and then to share his/her secrets of being happy. 

If being happy is one of your goals in life, I am pretty sure you will enjoy her episodes.

5. Not Overthinking

This is another podcast hosted by siblings. One is the famous productivity YouTuber Ali Abdaal, and the other is his brother Taimur Abdaal. I am a fan of Ali Abdaal because of his fun and insightful videos on youtube that I make sure to never miss.

But I will be honest, I haven’t listened to as many episodes of ‘not overthinking’ as I have of those mentioned above. But when I do choose to listen to an episode, I do end up with a smile by the end. I smile, which implies I am glad I tuned in. 

Why? Because Ali and Taimur talk about creativity, happiness, the human condition, lifestyle design, and similar topics that help me grow better in life. 

I suggest you listen to them yourself and explore the various ways you can amp up your spirits and brain.

Wrapping Up

That was my list of the 5 best motivation and productivity podcasts. Here are three more as a bonus for you. The Daily Mastery by Robin Sharma, The Mindset Mentor by Rob Dial Jr, and Sadhguru’s podcast. 

Hope you enjoyed my list. Make sure to drop in some of your favorite podcasts. I would love to give the neurons in my brain some new stuff to listen to.

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